Founded in 2015, OnBoardNC is a non-profit organization that is focused on shrinking the boardroom gender gap. We identify and onboard highly qualified, board-experienced female executives from the greater Research Triangle Park region. We offer programmatic and networking opportunities to the group, and actively promote OnBoardNC and our members into organizations that may be seeking new board directors or are influential in the placement of board candidates.

The group’s creation was inspired by then North Carolina State Treasurer, Janet Cowell. As part of a corporate governance initiative, Treasurer Cowell invited diverse Triangle CEOs, corporate directors and thought leaders to brainstorm ways of increasing diversity on North Carolina’s corporate boards. Within weeks, the vision of creating an organization of board-experienced, Triangle-based women leaders was realized.

OnBoardNC is filled with impressive women in all fields, and together we represent a huge pool of talent and experience. One of the primary tactics supporting achievement of our mission is to bring business leaders together to share stories, opportunities, and networks in order to further support our efforts to open boardroom doors. Personal networking is the key to board seats, so OnBoardNC is dedicated to bringing together market influencers, board leaders and our members to foster conversation and to demonstrate the power and value we represent as prospective board members.

Guiding Principles

At OnBoardNC we believe that diversity and inclusion are central to the success of all organizations. Recent research confirms that organizations that support diverse talent, develop inclusive leaders and foster an equitable culture enjoy lower employee turnover, deliver higher shareholder return and generate greater profits.  And we believe this sea change can only take place if we embrace this new world of equity and inclusion from the very top of an organization – its Board of Directors. OnBoardNC’s members are actively driving these changes and leading by example in the organizations we serve. We’re active leaders that are driven by our four guiding principles:

  • Maintain the highest of standards for adding new members — ensuring our members demonstrate a track record of high integrity, exceptional business judgement and superior corporate governance through prior board experience
  • Engage with the many leaders in the Research Triangle region and national market who share our commitment to greater gender diversity on boards
  • Recognize the specific profile and needs of each company with whom we engage to identify potential board candidates
  • Collaborate with other organizations whose missions are complimentary to ours

Membership Criteria

Prospective members are nominated by at least one OnBoardNC member with two additional members supporting the nomination. Eligibility requires at least part-time residence in the RTP area; a demonstrated track record of integrity, high standards of corporate governance and superior business judgment; and all of the following:

  • Prior or existing board experience, in a private or public for-profit business.
  • C-suite experience in a business or non-profit organization whose scale of organization provided substantial business and leadership skills validated by an oversight board or substantial professional investors

OnBoardNC’s Steering Committee manages the nomination process and extends membership invitations to those who meet the organization’s criteria.

Interested in becoming a member? Visit our contact us page to reach out.